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A free e-book telling the story of the Beatles 1966 album Revolver.

About the author

I'm not a professional writer and have never dabbled in journalism. I'm doing this for fun.

I live and work in London, but am originally from Bridgwater, in Somerset. Bridgwater has a tenuous connection to the Beatles: some of the scenes aboard the train in A Hard Day's Night were filmed on the line that runs throught the town. It doesn't get much more tenuous than that.

My aim is to produce a free, good quality history of the making of Revolver which doesn't (a) rely entirely on regurgitating chunks of other books or (b) unsubstaniated opinion. This has made the job harder than it might have been, but also a lot more fun.

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The Beatles' London, 1965-66
London as the Beatles knew it, with links to online maps and Google Earth.

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Influences on Revolver

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